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Since 1989 thousands of stock car enthusiasts have graduated from FAST TRACK HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING SCHOOL at some of the world's most popular race tracks! Whether it's the legendary Rockingham Speedway or the up and coming Kentucky Speedway, you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime!!


The Rock


The legendary Rockingham Speedway is a one mile high banked oval located in the sand hills of North Carolina. Unlike any other track on the series The Rock is history in the making with every lap!

ROCKINGHAM, NC - 1.0 Mile Oval Banking: Turns 1 & 2 - 22o; 3 & 4 - 25o; Straightaways - 8o Racing Surface: 50 – 55 feet wide

Charlotte Motor Speedway is a would class D-shaped oval located in Concord, NC. Charlotte is home to the NASCAR ALL-STAR race every year. One lap on this track and you will know why!

CONCORD, NC 1.5 Mile Quad-Oval Banking: Turns – 24o; Straightaways – 5o

Behind the backstretch of Rockingham Speedway lies Little Rock. The half mile track opened on October 13, 2008 and is very similar to Martinsville Speedway with it's 800" straights, 588" turns, and all of the inside lanes are concrete. The half mile oval is also unique in that instead of a traditional guardrail around the outside of the track, it uses gravel traps similar to ones seen in road courses.

Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of the fastest race tracks in the world. With jaw dropping high banks this D-shaped oval is sure to give you an experience few will ever see.

HAMPTON, GA - 1.54 Mile Quad-Oval Banking: Turns – 24o; Straightaways - 5o Racing Surface: 55 – 60 feet wide

Rockingham Speedway



One of the newest race tracks on the NASCAR series is Kentucky Motor Speedway. A great track with fun banking assuring you an adventure of a lifetime!

SPARTA, KY - 1.5 Mile Tri-Oval Banking: Turns – 14o; Backstretch – 4o Racing Surface: 70 feet wide


FAST TRACK RACING is an elite school in the world of racing. We have an almost unlimited ability to coach you at any track on the circuit. Don't see your track? We can travel wherever you need us. Our staff is one of  the best in the business, ready to race? Contact us regarding pricing.



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