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Corporate Group Events

Customize an event for your group by choosing from our various driving programs and adding additional options.

corporate events


3-Lap or 5-Lap Rides


Photo Plaques

Racing Apparel

advertise on a race car


Customize a car in your company colors to utilize for your event!  Make a statement and gain company exposure.  The possibilities are endless...


Autocross is a timed competition that tests drivers ability to maintain a balance of control and speed while navigating through a defined, coned course.
Competition is done in production cars
Course is designed for safe competition
Laps will be timed to determine best score
Autocross is a great way to energize your team while teaching the importance of maintaining balance and control as it applies to the workplace.
This exercise will improve driving skills for those companies with fleet vehicles issued to employees



Street Stock Shoot Out is the ultimate !   This program is over the top excitement that your group will be talking about for years to come.
Like the Autocross program, this competition is done in regular street cars.
The program is designed much like a drag race but not in a straight line!
Participants will line up in a head to head race to beat each others time back to the box. 
The team with the most wins from these “heat races” wins!
Teaches the ability to perform under pressure



 Pit Crew Challenge is a competition designed to promote team work and excitement.  Teams will work together to perform tire changes on a stock car.

Group is divided evenly into teams to plan the strategy of the pit stop.  
Depending on size of the group competition may be a 2 tire stop or all 4!
All “stops” will be timed to determine winning team.
With this exercise you will learn more about your teams and the your team as individuals by the way they approach tasks and challenges. Everyone gets a chance to weigh in on the strategy!


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